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Telling him to break up with me because I get too nervous to kiss him. Wow, yeah. Good going, Bekkah. What the heck is wrong with me :/

Anonymous said: Congrats on getting into college you beauuuuutiful gurl! =)

Thank you sweet anon

Soo, I got into college. You have no idea how happy I am rn. Im buzzing at work. Hopefully I’ll get accommodation and then everything will be sorted :3



I say fuck all cops because, rather than be critical and take a stand against their fellow officers, good cops are nowhere to be fucking seen when wild shit goes down.
No police officer, especially police chief, gets on the news or social media or some type of fucking platform and says shit about bad cops.
So fuck them.
Fuck them for standing in camaraderie with corrupt individuals.

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Nobuyoshi Araki

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Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man.
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Would anyone be interest in more of these fetish embroideries? Any kink requests?


Mark Fast Spring 2014 LFW

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